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MPs held the horns over Liz Truss’ decision to lift the government’s ban on fracking as Question Time returned to TV screens last night after a long hiatus over the summer. Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith initially clashed with Labor’s Wes Streeting over the move of Liz Truss.

Mr Clarke-Smith, a former Headteacher and Cabinet Minister, said: “I speak as someone who has a large proposed fracking site in my own constituency, so this is something I’ve dealt with quite a bit, but what we want, as said, is an energy mix.

“For some communities, they may feel like this isn’t for them.

“They may feel that this won’t lower the price, that this won’t meet their needs, they may have environmental issues and the local community will want to decide.”

However, Mr Streeting intervened by asking, “Do you support fracking in your own constituency?

“Are you going to knock on doors and say we’re fracking here?”

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Mr Clarke-Smith replied, “No… [but] I’m pretty neutral about it. I want to see more evidence.”

He also explained how two solar farms had been created in his Nottinghamshire constituency.

Explaining his stance, Clarke-Smith added: “There are parts of the country where people are actually asking for fracking, people think it will be very helpful, people want to research that, and I think they should be given the opportunity to to fracking. That.”

Before the Red Wall Tory could finish its sentence, the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West & Abingdon said the government’s argument “is wrong”.

Ms Moran, who lost to Sir Ed Davey in the Liberal Democrats 2020 leadership contest, said: “Why is it okay to lift the moratorium on fracking and not allow communities that may want onshore wind farms?

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