Shaughna Phillips ‘traumatized’ after hospital dashboard doesn’t feel baby move

Shaughna has spoken about her upcoming induction and reduced movement during her pregnancy (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Shaughna Phillips has revealed the recent “traumatizing” hospital trip during her pregnancy after experiencing it reduced movement with her baby.

The Love Island star, 28, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Billy Webb29, shared her experiences during pregnancyespecially her struggle with her changing body.

Now the reality TV personality is looking forward to meeting her bundle of joy and revealing that she has booked for an introduction after passing her due date of March 25.

Shaughna also revealed that she was rushed to hospital a few weeks earlier after her baby stopped moving.

In her column with OK!the star said she visited the hospital because she was experiencing decreased movements, but luckily everything “turned out to be fine.”

However, she then panicked when faced with the prospect of giving birth to her child when a doctor approached her about induction.

The Love Island star is expecting her first child (Picture: Instagram/shaughnaphillips)
Shaughna passed her due date of March 25 and opted for an introduction (Picture: Instagram/shaughnaphillips)

“Because I was 38 weeks pregnant, the doctor told me they would induce me,” she began.

“I panicked a lot and I told them I didn’t feel ready to give birth, but they held me overnight and took me to a postnatal ward where babies had already been born.”

Shaughna shared that she felt she was “pressured to take an introductory course” [she] wasn’t ready,” and found the experience “traumatizing.”

However, after an overnight stay in hospital, the star was presented with other options for her pregnancy.

“Fortunately, another doctor came the next day and told me I had other options, but now I’m definitely ready for the baby’s arrival,” she added.

The star has detailed the events that led to her rushing to hospital with reduced movements (Picture: Instagram/shaughnaphillips)
She described the whole experience as ‘traumatising’ (Picture: Instagram/shaughnaphillips)

Shaughna has taken to Instagram to urge fans not to send her “horror stories.” prior to her introduction, which will take place on Sunday.

In a post on her Instagram story, she said, “Polite request. Please don’t send me your horror stories about being induced or your thoughts on why it’s wrong to be induced for my baby.

“I appreciate you may mean well, but it doesn’t help. As a first-time mother, you will know the fear I already feel, and the last thing I want to hear is horrible experiences or mother shame.

“Thanks for all the nice messages I’ve received, they far outweigh the negative ones.”

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