Sinn Féin’s alternative budget will give families and workers a break, says Sligo/Leitrim TD Martin Kenny

Sinn Féin TD for Sligo/Leitrim Martin Kenny has said his party’s alternative budget would give workers and families a break.

Our proposals are about providing support and security to workers and families to get through the winter months, while building for the future and providing the housing and health care they need.

“We are making different political choices than this government by prioritizing support for middle- and low-income people and a younger generation excluded from all opportunities. That means an emergency cost of living kit is a vital part of what needs to be delivered – to help workers and families in Sligo and Leitrim with the cost of living crisis.

“Workers and families need immediate action and assistance, and our actions are commensurate with the magnitude of the impact on people’s lives. This includes cutting household electricity bills, paying back a month’s rent in the pockets of tenants with credit, and prohibiting rent increases. We’re also proposing a cut to USC to increase employee take-home pay packages and a two-thirds cut in childcare allowance. We have also included an increase in social benefits of at least €15.

“Our proposals also include the priority of protecting jobs by supporting businesses with the unprecedented rise in their energy bills, putting many local businesses in the area I represent at risk of closing by Christmas.

“In addition to tackling the cost of living crisis immediately, we need to plan for the future by building homes and building better public services. This forward-thinking planning can be seen in our proposals around the delivery of 20,000 social and affordable housing, and a complete overhaul of the current renovation plan with an emphasis on supporting renovation in a more equitable way that will benefit people in rural areas. on low and middle incomes.

“We have also included proposals to reduce healthcare costs, as well as workforce planning to address healthcare waiting lists.

“This budget should be about change and about what really matters to people. We cannot continue a repeat of old tired policies that have failed under successive Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael governments.

“We need fresh ideas and a change of direction. That’s what Sinn Féin’s alternative budget is all about, giving workers and families in Sligo and Leitrim a break,” he said.


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