Solid state iPhone 15 Pro buttons work with gloves and cases

Render of new buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro models

Adding to a recent leak about the iPhone 15 Pro switching from physical buttons, a new report says the sensitivity of the new solid-state buttons will be customizable.

A credible leaker known as “Anonymous AS” has made a sequel first reporte about iPhone 15 Pro buttons, which would come from a hardware developer at Apple. “Forgot to mention that he knows those capacitive buttons work really well with gloves and cases if designed correctly,” says the leaker, “since there’s a sensitivity switch.”

The key points of the earlier leak were that the new iPhone 15 Pro controls would not only be solid state rather than physical buttons, but would also use a new super power mode. It means the buttons will have at least some functionality even when the iPhone’s battery is seemingly dead, just as it already is Apple Pay And Find my.

All the rumors about Apple introducing solid-state buttons claim that it is for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, and that the regular iPhone 15 will continue to use physical buttons. This supports general claims that Apple plans to increase the distinction between the standard and Pro models of the iPhone.