Ted Bundy’s ex shares intimate details about bedroom habits that ‘scared’ her | USA | News

Details of Ted Bundy’s relationship with a college girlfriend provide insight into the serial killer‘s violent streak, one psychologist has said. The story of his former lover has been collected by expert Dr. Al Carlisle and featured in a new docuseries titled Violent Minds: Killers on Tape. Identified only as Sandy, Bundy’s ex said she experienced his violent tendencies herself when she dated the serial killer in the 1960s.

Sandy told Dr. Carlisle she was “scared” after Bundy tried to strangle her during sex.

She also recalled being held underwater for nearly a minute while swimming with the serial killer – an experience that saw her see an evil streak in his eye for the first time.

The woman said, “Then he dipped me in the water.

“It’s playful to the point of someone trying to get away for air.”

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“Dr. Carlisle wanted to understand what would drive someone down such a dark path. He truly believed that everyone was good.”

She continued, “At first glance, Bundy seemed like a pretty good guy. He was a Republican who did a lot of political work, and he was pretty good at it.

“He also worked at a rape crisis center. He exuded confidence. But when the doctor spoke to those who knew Bundy – his mother, his friends, the ex-landlady, the girlfriends – there was a whole other side to him that no one knew …and Ted certainly wasn’t talking about it.

“That’s what grabbed him. Doc felt that every killer created himself. Fantasy plays a big role in that. And sometimes that fantasy life is more than anything else. And these people go down a path to a point where you don’t even recognize them. not anymore.”

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