Tesco Clubcard warning that vouchers worth £16 million will soon expire | UK | News

Tesco has issued a warning to anyone in the UK with a Clubcard.

Millions of shoppers are Clubcard holders and use them regularly on trips to the supermarket, whether for a large store or just a few items.

But as people accumulate points, many forget to use them before they expire.

More than 2 million Tesco customers have now been reminded to spend over £16 million on Clubcard vouchers before they expire at the end of February. reports Manchester Evening News.

First issued in February 2021, the vouchers expire on February 28 and they will help households across the UK at what can be a difficult time of year for family budgets.

Customers can use their Clubcard vouchers to reduce the cost of their weekly groceries or fuel, to spoil themselves with over 100 Reward Partners including Pizza Express and Spa Seekers or to pick up a great new deal at Tesco Mobile.

Tesco Loyalty Director, Tash Whitmey, said: “We now want to help customers’ family budgets expand and Clubcard is the best way to get great value with Tesco – from Clubcard Rewards to thousands of exclusive deals through Clubcard prizes.

“With over £16m in Clubcard vouchers due to expire at the end of February, we are reminding customers to spend them at what can be a difficult time of year as family budgets feel the pressure of the new year.”

It comes as Tesco shoppers have reportedly begun boycotting one article section “out of principle” after noticing a staggering price increase.

Customers who liked to buy the bakery items like flapjack bites, chocolate cornflake clusters or millionaire bites said they were now a lot more expensive.

Previously they claimed you could get two of these items for £1, but Tesco reportedly raised prices to £1.50 for two and ended up selling sets of two for £2.

At the moment, according to Tesco’s website, these items are now priced at £2.25 each.

However, shoppers insist they were two for £1 before,