Texans filed proceedings in Deshaun Watson scandal

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Deshaun Watson’s story is a hot mess that seems to go on with no end in sight. However, most civil proceedings have been resolved. That is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Still, the franchise itself was under attack, so Tony Busby turned his attention to the Houston Texans.

According to Jake Trotter, Buzbee formally filed its first proceeding against the Texans franchise. He claims that Houston knew, and there is evidence that Houston knew Watson’s actions and made him much more possible. This claim departs from the recent discoveries of an organization in which Deshaun Watson reserves hotel rooms to receive his “massage.”

Tony Buzbee issued a statement stating that the first proceeding was filed against the Houston Texans. pic.twitter.com/6D6yPTtbmp

— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) June 27, 2022

If true, the Texans will be in trouble. The franchise believed that they had moved from Deshaun Watson after trading Deshaun Watson to Cleveland Browns. However, their past actions could eventually bite them at *. In addition, Tony Buzbee has made it clear that this is the first proceeding filed against Houston. After the proceedings were formally filed, the organization issued an official statement regarding the proceedings. Brooks Kuvena..

The Texans statement regarding the proceedings filed against them today that allowed Deshaun Watson to act. https: //t.co/JgjiM2uQSu pic.twitter.com/KnMEwQ4scd

— Brooksk Bena (@BKubena) June 27, 2022

Obviously, the Texans have no intention of making controversial statements so far. The general response is the best you can get from this team. After all, Houston hasn’t moved from Deshaun Watson yet, so let’s see how this works. Look for the NFL to distribute the punishment to Watson in the coming weeks while his previous team filed a proceeding.

Texans filed proceedings in Deshaun Watson scandal

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