The next PS5 showcase is in early summer, claiming multiple sources

Spider-Man 2 – we have a new trailer for Spider-Man 2 way too late (Photo: Sony)

Expect more PS5 exclusives to be announced at the Sony showcase reportedly set to take place in early June.

Even with E3 slips into irrelevancethe game industry will still spend the summer months making big announcements and checking out new and old games through showcases from individual publishers.

The will of Microsoft And Ubisoft already have set dates for theirs, and Geoff Keighley’s annual Summer Game Fest (which seems to have replaced E3) is said to have collaborated with over 25 developers and publishers.

Neither Nintendo nor Sony have shared summer plans yet, but the latter is said to be holding a PlayStation showcase before Summer Game Fest kicks off on June 8.

This comes courtesy of Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who is a proven reliable source of behind-the-scenes information. In February he already claimed that Sony would do that keep a low-key state of affairsfollowed by a more exciting one around E3 time starting the ‘second phase’ of the PlayStation 5.

The state of affairs took place later that month and “low-key” was an understatement to say the least, given that the main focus was on a comprehensive look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguewhich isn’t even a PlayStation exclusive (and looked awful).

Tom Henderson, another reputable insider, confirmed Grubb’s claim in a recent stream where he also shared more information about the rumored PS5 Pro and additional mystery PlayStation hardware (at 2:27pm).

However, he admits he has no idea when Sony’s showcase might take place, saying he’s only been told it will happen before or after E3. For context, the scheduled dates of E3 2023 were June 13 to June 16.

Dates for these kinds of showcases can change at the last minute, so it makes sense that Grubb and Henderson don’t share a date or just don’t know yet.

However, if the PlayStation Showcase is scheduled for Summer Game Fest, then it may be limited to the first week of June, assuming Sony saves it for the summer.

The fact that Grubb lists it as a PlayStation showcase and not a state of affairs also means you can expect a much meatier presentation. Grubb’s own claims aside, State of Plays have traditionally been much smaller, sometimes focusing on just one game.

However, PlayStation showcases have played some of Sony’s biggest announcements, such as reveal trailers for God Of War: RagnarokSpider Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16.

Of spider man 2 Being the only major Sony exclusive scheduled for the next 12 months, hopefully the company has some exciting revelations in store for PlayStation owners.

Grubb has previously used the phrase “second stage” of the PlayStation 5 to describe Sony’s E3-esque plans, but it’s not clear if that’s his own invention or if it’s something Sony is using internally.

More importantly, it’s not clear what it really means and whether it’s related to new hardware, a change of course for software, or both…

Do you think Sony will also announce new hardware? (photo: Sony)

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