The Power: Halle Bush ‘scared and uncomfortable’ filming Allie scene

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The power episode 1.

The Power star Halle Bush was genuinely terrified while filming one of Allie’s opening moments when her foster father tries to rape her.

Allie is one of many teenage girls who suddenly discover they have the power to electrocute others in the TV adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s sizzling novel where a world is ruled by women.

Halle joins the sensational cast of The Power as Allie, who discovers her new ability when Mr. Montgomery (Chris Mulkey) tries to attack her while his wife is downstairs.

It’s a chilling watch and, understandably, Halle was “scared” and had her mom on set for comfort.

When asked what was the most difficult scene for her to film in The Power, Halle told ‘For me, this was the scene where Ali is about to be raped.

Halle Bush reflects on the gruesome scene of Allie in The Power (Picture: Getty/Prime Video)

“Chris, he was nowhere near his character and…my mom was there too.

“He was a little scared of my mom because she was watching me, but he made us all feel comfortable on set.

“Even when I knew him as a person, it was still so scary and uncomfortable.”

However, Halle recognized the importance the scene would hold for so many others who have been tortured in similar situations in real life.

Halle continued, “I just thought, in my head, there are so many girls who have been through this kind of situation, I can only imagine the pain and suffering that they go through, so it just made me really want our story tell even more and portray it as much as I can.

“Then, the moment I knew, I had to put my feelings aside, and really just show it as much as I could.”

Halle added that she identified with Allie as a “young black girl” who was used to being condescended, overlooked and judged.

“As a woman of color you already have two targets on your back because you’re a woman and then you’re a woman of color,” she explained.

“If you see Allie on the run, a manhunt right away. It’s not, ‘Okay, let’s find out why she ran away. It’s immediately, “We’ve got to track her down and find her.”

“So I really relate to her in that way, and then just portrayed as a young black girl because I was portrayed as a young girl myself.”

Halle recalled that her mother taught her “good English” when she was growing up, but people were genuinely surprised.

“I remember when I was in elementary school, I was in kindergarten when this happened. I came from the south and my mother taught us good English, how to say certain words and how to punctuate.

“Then I would, but then you also hear someone say, ‘Oh, you speak so well for a black girl.’

‘I was like a young girl. Don’t know what that means? It hurts.

“So as I got older, I realized what they meant. And then I was like, wow, this really sucks. That’s us. So that’s how I relate to Allie.”

The Power is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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