The Samsung Android 13 beta may land soon

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • A new rumor indicates that the Samsung Android 13 beta app may open in the third week of July.
  • This software test will be for One UI 5.0.
  • Allegedly, the stable launch could land as soon as October 2022.

Google already has Android 13 betas available for most of its Pixel phones. However, Pixels represent a small fraction of the overall Android market. The big dog is Samsung, which is the largest smartphone maker worldwide. So far, however, Samsung has not participated in any Android 13 betas for what we assume would be One UI 5.0.

That may change soon. According to a new rumor from SamMobile, the Samsung Android 13 beta may open in the third week of July. It’s unclear which phones will support this initial deployment, but previous beta apps only supported the latest Galaxy S phones. In this case, it will most likely be the Galaxy S22 series.

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In previous years, Samsung introduced beta support to other phones on its list a few weeks later. This will always include, among others, the Galaxy S21 series.

Do not take it all to the bank now. SamMobile cites an anonymous source for this allegation, and the publication was incorrect in the past. However, a late-July launch makes sense to us, so we tend to believe this rumor.

In addition, the source claims that the Samsung Android 13 beta deployment could lead to a stable launch in October 2022. This will be exactly around the time we expect Google to launch the Pixel 7 series. If Samsung makes it happen, it will represent one of its earliest stable launches for an Android upgrade ever.

Stay tuned, as we’ll probably have more information on this launch soon.


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