The UK’s once beloved airport is reopening as Doncaster Council works on a £3 million scheme | UK | News

Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which sadly closed last year, could reopen as the council has started work on a new £3million scheme. The beloved airport was closed last year after the Peel Group, which owned it, said it was no longer “commercially viable”.

According to reports, Doncaster Council now hopes to buy back the airport from the Peel Airports Group and reopen it.

The purchase of the airport, dubbed Project South Yorkshire Airport City, could cost as much as £3.1 million, with Peel recently offering to lease the airport to the city.

A statement from Doncaster Council said: “Peel recently offered a lease for the airport to the City of Doncaster Council.

“Discussions are underway to further develop this option and to explore whether a longer term lease on a commercial basis other than that originally offered by Peel could provide a basis for meeting the Council’s objectives .

“The Council will continue discussions with Peel about the potential sale, but will continue preparations should a CPO become necessary.”

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones said the battle for the airport was “not over”.

She said: “The acquisition process will take time and it will not be cheap.

“However, this airport has the potential to become the jewel in the crown of Doncaster and South Yorkshire’s economy.

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“It’s an investment in the future of this great city and region.”

A meeting is likely to be held this month to discuss the airport’s future prospects.

Opened in 2005, Doncaster Sheffiled Airport was the 29th largest airport in the UK.

According to Which?, it was voted the best UK airport and had flights to popular hot spots in Europe such as Tenerife and Lanzarote.

Meanwhile, not only Doncaster Sheffield Airport could reopen soon.

Manston Airport in Kent is being rebuilt and will launch flights this summer.

And Plymouth Airport hopes to reopen after being closed for more than a decade.