Three EastEnders theories: crash outcome, murder plot and explosive revenge

This week ALL hell is breaking loose in Albert Square and one young resident could pay the price.

Meanwhile one East Enders It’s increasingly likely that the character is at the heart of an upcoming Christmas murder mystery.


Denzel Danes is hosting a secret party this weekCredit: BBC
But his life is also in danger after a horrific car accident


But his life is also in danger after a horrific car accidentCredit: BBC
What was his life like after the accident?


What was his life like after the accident?Credit: BBC

1. Denzel will have life-changing injuries

Like any young person his age, Denzel Danes (played by Jaden Ladega) pushes his limits with his father Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson).

Unfortunately, tragedy will strike Walford when he throws a secret party at home in scenes that air BBC One.

The boy hosts the meeting while Howie and his partner Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) attend an awards ceremony where the latter receives the “Influencer of the Moment” award.

Kim even gets a prize of a brand new car to match her new title.

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Back in the square, she is elated and celebrates the big event, but both she and Howie are quickly distracted by Denzel’s party.

Disappointed, Howie and Kim quickly shut everything down and Denzel is berated for his actions.

However, Kim is too distracted by her victory and she soon offers to take him for a ride in her brand new car, but things don’t go as planned.

Denzel and Kim are involved in a devastating car accident and she wakes up to find the teen unconscious.

Michael Bakker (Roger Griffiths) sees them and quickly takes action by calling an ambulance.

With the help of emergency services, Kim is released, but Denzel is trapped.

How will he be saved?

What will be the result of the crash?

Could the accident change his life forever?

What will cause the crash?

Denise plots with Kim to keep Ravi away from Chelsea


Denise plots with Kim to keep Ravi away from ChelseaCredit: BBC

2. Denise will kill Ravi

Kim will also be involved in a plot to kill Ravi Gulati (Aaron Tiara) away from Chelsea Fox (Zara Abrahams).

Denise Fox is adamant about keeping Ravi at bay to protect her family after flirting with him behind her husband’s back.

However, the hairdresser kept playing Diana Parish certainly didn’t expect Ravi to turn to her daughter Chelsea for company.

Denise is furious when the pair begin to grow closer when Ravi’s son Nugget is brought in to babysit Chelsea’s baby Jordan while they go on a date.

As Nugget is rescued from the crash that threatens Denzel’s life this week, he can’t run from his father’s wrath.

Ravi tries to punish Nugget for his actions, but the youngster strikes back by criticizing his upbringing and things brutally escalate.

Petrified, Nugget runs to Suki and Nish Panesar (Balwinder Sopal And Navin Chowdhry) leading to a tense conversation in the Minute Mart.

The Panesars warn Ravi to stay away from his son – how will he react?

Later, Kim sees Ravi and Chelsea flirting and she tells Denise that they must step in and sabotage the relationship before her niece gets hurt.

She corners Chelsea in an attempt to break things up.

Denise, on the other hand, approaches Ravi herself to warn him to stay away from Chelsea, but he ignores her threats.

Instead, he challenges her by revealing his plans to take things with Chelsea to the next level.

Denise leaves, desperate to keep her daughter away from trouble… and she makes a mysterious phone call.

Soon after, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) will be having a drink at The Vic with his husband Ben Mitchell next week.

Their date is abruptly interrupted when the cop receives an urgent call from work and Callum leaves arrest Ravi in ​​Walford East.

But with one looming christmas whodunnit on the horizon in which she will be involved along with five other Walford ladies, could Denise be tempted to get rid of Ravi for good?

Could her ambitions backfire on her?

Fans of the London-based drama have been trying to rummage who might be lying dead next to Vic’s Christmas tree.

And Ravi’s name is on it at the top of their list of theories.


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Will Freddie show that he has a dark side?


Will Freddie show that he has a dark side?Credit: BBC

3. Freddie will get revenge

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) has largely kept to himself since his first arrival at Albert Square.

Over the past few months, Freddie has developed a close relationship with Bobby Beale, who has become his partner in crime.

This week, however, it opens and reveals a sad secret from his youth to Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

It all starts when Freddie notices he’s double booked with two dates for the same night and panics about whether he’s going to make it.

Stacey SlaterLacey Turner) convinces him to go for it, but his other relatives are far from trusting him to handle both dates.

Freddie later does his best in The Vic as Jean, her partner Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) and Stacey watch him as he tries to navigate both dates.

Unfortunately for him, things go from bad to worse when Freddie mixes up both of his dates.

The Slaters watch the drama unfold, but Jean upsets Freddie when she questions his intelligence.

This prompts Freddie to make a devastating confession about what his childhood was like and he reveals that a school teacher was involved.

What he will reveal remains to be seen, but Jean is then determined to convince Freddie confront his former school teacher who is responsible for the humiliation he endured and the hard feelings he now harbors.

The youngster is hesitant to take Jean’s advice, but a chat with his partner in crime Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russel) is all he needs to decide to seek closure.

Freddie goes to his old school with Bobby, Jean and Harvey in tow for moral support.

But could it all go wrong with such an intense encounter ahead?

Can Freddie prove he has a dark side like many of the soap’s other characters?

Will he retaliate and destroy everything in his path?

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Who will continue to support him?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.