Tiago PZK talks about his collaboration with Tini Stoessel: “It was leaked”

Tiago PZK talks about his collaboration with Tini Stoessel: “It was leaked”, #Tiago #PZK #Talks #Collaboration #Tini #Stoessel #Leaked Welcome to OLASMEDIA TV NEWSThis is what we have for you today:

Tiago PZK confirms collaboration with Tini Stoessel

end of July Tiago PZK and Tini Stoessel rock the network For a possible musical collaboration, the images were filtered to where they could be seen together. For two weeks his fans became more confused and the behind-the-scenes photos of a music video quickly went viral. In recent hours, the 21-year-old rapper gave an interview from the province of Mendoza and put an end to the mystery.

Tiago Uriel Pacheco -his real name- was dedicated to offering a series of shows as part of the Portals Tour, while the singer released “Suultem” with Christina Aguilera. Both are going through a successful flow in their respective careers, which is why the prospect of getting involved in a musical subject immediately excited their followers. given in dialogue with chakra note (Channel 9 Televida) talked about projects to be announced soon, and one of the most anticipated questions was the truth of the rumor that a new song with an interpreter for “La Triple T” is coming to light would come .

“Yeah, that’s all, it’s already leaked. It leaked right away. Something small is coming,” revealed. And when journalist Mariana Correa asked him if he realized he had been photographed while shooting the music video, he admitted that he had discovered the curious look. ,We were filming a scene for a video on a terrace and before that was a hotel; I saw the windows open and everyone with their cell phones,” they said. The clip also featured a series of stills from the script on which “Tiny” could be read carefully, and this enhanced the audiovisual content.

Tiago PZK and Tini Stoessel release a song together with a video clip

As for the letter or subject he would cover, he preferred it to be a surprise to his fans. Postcards circulating on Twitter showed them hugging the hood of one car, and another with the artist’s figure from behind as he waited for her in the parking lot. In that sense, there is probably a love story behind the verses in which they would combine their musical styles within the urban rhythm.

Months earlier, Stossel had also praised the rapper for the talent he showed in his sessions. shave In addition to collaborations with Lit Killah, Maria Becerra and Nikki Nicol. In an interview with the Mendoza newspaper, the artist also recalled the exciting moment when Leo Massey tagged her in an Instagram story to confess that one of her children is a fan of her songs: “With Leo we could exchange words, he is a capo , he laughed at his son, I sent a congratulation to Thiago Messi and he sent me a video I don’t know if Antonella recorded it but Leo showed the video to the boy who was lying on the floor.

“I can’t believe Messi is so humble. He has three children and one of them is called Mateo and I have a problem with thunder whose name is Mateo, and Messi told me: ‘It says it’s you, because it’s the same thing. number is called and the other says it’s Thunder'”. Finally, he revealed that he belongs to the Argentine team. maintains contact with several players: “I with Otamendi, papu Gomez, Walls; Otamendi sent me a video where I listen to my music listen with Angel Di Maria in the room.

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