Tory Conference: Homophobic Abuse at a Party in Honor of the LGBT Community

A gay man was reportedly called a ‘f**’ while two women were called a ‘dirty l*****’ (Image: Twitter/PegasusPrince2)

Several people were kicked out of an event celebrating LGBTQ+ diversity at the Tory conference when homophobic statements were allegedly made.

Hundreds of party members, lobbyists and others gathered in nightclub Reflex in Birmingham on Tuesday evening.

But the annual event was “overshadowed by some very insulting, insulting comments.”

One man was removed for allegedly calling a gay man a “f**,” while another was apparently told to leave after calling two women a “dirty l*****.”

Both are said to be Conservative members, although this has not been verified.

Speak with ITV News, said one victim: ‘We kicked out someone who was blind drunk and called me a dirty l***** and that I had to be on my guard. I feel like I don’t belong morally anymore.’

Head of Women for LGBT Conservatives, Jessica Zbinding-Webster, tweeted: “Lots of people came to the @LGBTCons party last night. We make a list and check it twice.’

Meanwhile, Elena Bunbury, the chairperson of LGBT conservatives, said this afternoon: “The abuse my team at @LGBTCons has had tonight is disgusting.

The head of Women for LGBT conservatives said “a lot of people showed up” at the event (Image: Twitter)
The chairman of LGBT conservatives called the behavior ‘disgusting’ (Image: Twitter)

“We have organized a free event and it is spoiled by the few who feel the need to be abusive, not at all. Thank you to those who were respectful, it means a lot.”

Ms Bunbury later added that LGBT conservatives are “determined against hate crimes” and that last night’s despicable incidents “show why groups like ours are so important”.

A conservative spokesperson said they had offered their support to LGBT+ conservatives.

“If those involved are identified as members of the party, we will quickly launch investigations,” they promised.

“Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong and complaints can be made in confidence under our Code of Conduct.” has contacted Reflex nightclub for comment.

It comes after an ongoing row at the conference over the Conservative Party’s stance on transgender people.

The government plans to exclude transgender people from the ban on conversion therapy – a decision that sparked outrage and the cancellation of a historic LGBTQ+ conference earlier this year.

In April, Downing Street said yes a legally complex issue and ‘further considerations are needed’.

Further controversy recently erupted over the decision to invite the registered charity LGB Alliance – which is accused of being anti-trans – to the Tory conference.

The LGB Alliance says it campaigns for those “whose rights are based on sexual orientation, not gender identity.”

It denies being transphobic, but claims the LGBTQ+ movement is “dominated by gender identity extremism.”

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