Tried Elf’s £6 gloss lip stain dupe from Fenty Beauty’s poutsicle – it’s £10 cheaper and just as good

A BEAUTY fan has claimed she may have found a potential dupe for the viral Fenty Beauty poutsicle – and it costs just £6.

The Fenty Beauty Poutsicle has grown to the entire range in the world of come up with – but at £16, the stunning lip product isn’t an affordable option for many.


The stunner took to TikTok to inform fellow beauty enthusiasts about the budget-friendly dupeCredit: tiktok/@misskrissym
Despite having to apply two coats, Kirstin thought the £6 product was a bargain


Despite having to apply two coats, Kirstin thought the £6 product was a bargainCredit: tiktok/@misskrissym

Thankfully, there’s a beauty lover, TikTok user Kristen Marie (@crisis sym), thinks she may have found a double that is almost three times cheaper at your local high street.

Not one to gatekeeper, the banger increased TikTok to share the budget-friendly find with her 417,000 followers.

First in her videothe makeup enthusiast applied the chic version she found in the color Strawberry Sangria.

To see how the two compared, she then went in with elf cosmetics lip stain in Fiery Red on the other half of the lips.

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One thing the stunner noticed was that she had to go in with two coats since the lip product was a bit sheer than the real thing.

“But they seem very close in the shadows,” Kristen added, urging fans not to sleep on the more affordable version.

A TikTok viewer agreed, writing: ”The ELF lip stains are soooo slept in [sic].”

“There’s definitely a difference,” said another.

Looking for more Fenty Beauty dupes? Well, a woman has claimed to have tripped a gloss dupe in her local Primark.

During the past years, Primark have really upped their game, both when it comes to fashion and makeup.

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And it seems the budget retailer is unstoppable as one woman, TikTok user, Shannon Spalding (@schanspaldingx), was convinced she had found a dupe for the viral Fenty lip gloss.

The gorgeous blonde shared the news with her 112,000 followers and took to TikTok, where she tried it out.

“I think I found the Fenty dupe for the lip gloss in Primark.

This is literally my holy grail, it’s Sweet Mouth by Fenty […] — literally beautiful,” she said in the video.

In terms of first impressions just by looking at the packaging, Shannon noted that the chic version, which retails for £18, had a slightly more pink hue.

Unlike the genuine Fenty item, the Primark version, called High Gloss Light Weight Ultra Shine lip gloss, scans for just £1.50 at the checkout.

To give the cheaper product a fair chance, Shannon followed her usual makeup routine – applying a lip liner first and then a dot of concealer in the center of her lips.

When applying the Primark lip gloss, which she had bought in Bombshell, the blonde noticed that the product was not so thick.

”I like the shade though, I feel like it’s very similar.

“It feels super light on my lips and I mean it’s damn glossy – I’m obsessed.”

Fellow beauty fans flocked to the comments, and it seems Shannon wasn’t the only one who couldn’t understand how stunning the product was.

One exclaimed, “Oh I love it.”

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“That shine 🤩,” another added.

“I love your puffs and videos keep making them girls [sic],” a third fan wrote.