Trump ‘don’t let himself be handcuffed’

Good evening. Donald Trump will not be handcuffed, his lawyer said, after the former president was convicted in New York of hush money payments.

Donald Trump’s attorney insists he knows the exact number of charges against the former president

Donald Trump will face 34 cases of business fraud after a grand jury votes suing him for an alleged payment of hush money to a porn starhis attorney Joe Tacopina said.

Mr Trump, who becomes the first former United States president to be charged with a felony, is charged with falsifying business records after $130,000 was paid to Stormy Daniels.

She said the money was gone buy her silence about a sexual encounter with Mr. Trump at a Lake Tahoe hotel in 2006. Trump has repeatedly denied that the meeting took place.

You can use the statement of the former president here in full. And Nick Allen explains how a sharing a golf cart with a porn star led to Trump’s indictment.

Mr. Tacopina said the former president “don’t be beaten” when he’s arraigned next week in Manhattan. He added that his legal team was working on the logistics of voluntary surrender to authorities, and that Mr. Trump “is not going to take shelter in Mar-a-Lago,” referring to his primary residence in Florida.

Jamie Johnson explains what will happen next if the former president is indicted.

Mr Trump’s lawyer said there was “zero chance” his client would accept a plea deal rather than take the case to court. You can follow the latest developments on our live blog.