‘Ukraine was behind murder of daughter Russian nationalist’

US intelligence believes the Ukrainian government has authorized a car bomb attack that killed Daria Dugina (left), daughter of Russian nationalist Aleksandr Dugin (right) (Photo: AP)

Ukraine Authorized for a car bomb attack that killed the daughter of a Russian nationalist known as the “brain” of President Vladimir Putin, US intelligence says.

U.S. officials were unaware of the August attack that killed Daria Dugina and would have opposed the killing had Ukrainians asked, U.S. officials said. The New York Times in a report published Wednesday. US officials admonished their Ukrainian colleagues about the deadly attack.

The US provided no intelligence or aid and played no part in the attack, the officials said.

Dugina, 29, was driving her father’s SUV on the night of Aug. 23 when a bomb believed to have been placed inside the vehicle exploded. The target was apparently intended to be the political figure Aleksandr Dugin, an ultra-nationalist and philosopher who supported Russiawar against Ukraine.

Russian ideologist Aleksandr Dugin (left) attends a farewell ceremony for her daughter Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car bomb explosion (Photo: Getty Images)

Dugin was often referred to as “Putin’s brain.” He stood for the political and spiritual ideology of the “Russian world” that aims to restore Russia’s power and unite ethnic Russians around the world.

Ukrainian officials denied being involved in the murder immediately after the act and again when asked about US intelligence’s assessment.

“Again, I want to emphasize that every wartime murder in some country must have some practical significance,” Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, told The Times on Tuesday.

“It has to fulfill a certain purpose, tactically or strategically. Someone like Dugina is not a tactical or strategic target for Ukraine.

Daria Dugina (right) was a well-known media personality who worked for pro-Kremlin television channels including Russia Today and Tsargrad (Photo: Getty Images)

“We have other targets on the territory of Ukraine. I mean collaborators and representatives of the Russian command, who may be valuable to members of our special services working in this program, but certainly not Dugina.’

Still, US officials worry that the murder of Dugina and other similar attacks could prompt Russia to retaliate by targeting Ukrainian officials.

Ukraine has averted Russian military operations, but Dugina’s assassination would come closest to hurting Russia’s prominent figures.

It is not clear whether Zelensky was aware of the alleged planned murder.

Dugina was a Russian TV commentator and editor of the United World International. The US and UK had sanctioned her for using the website to spread disinformation and views in favor of the Kremlin.

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