Watch Brock Lesnar F5 7ft 3in Giant Omos As He Messes With WWE Exit Talks At WrestleMania 39

BROCK LESNAR hinted he’s not leaving WWE with a decisive win at WrestleMania 39, which could lead to a rematch with Omos.

Lesnar opened WrestleMania and defeated his giant opponent at SoFi Stadium in Hollywood, California.

Brock Lesnar seemed to deny an impending exit from WWE


Brock Lesnar seemed to deny an impending exit from WWECredit: Reuters
Brock Lesnar defeated the giant Omos with a devastating F5


Brock Lesnar defeated the giant Omos with a devastating F5Credit: Reuters

Reports suggested that the UFC legend was on his way out of Vince McMahon’s promotion and said goodbye to colleagues backstage.

The American powerhouse has been signing short-term contracts since his return to the wrestling giants in 2012.

And all of The Beast’s deals usually end at each season’s WrestleMania before he writes new terms a while later.

This could still be the case this season, but the 45-year-old hinted he is far from done with it WWE.

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Lesnar overcame the 7ft, 3in giant Omos, who dominated the opening stages of the match.

But the 10-time world champion soon turned the tables with a series of German Suplexes to The Nigerian Giant.

And the ex-WWE Champion finished off the monstrous superstar by hoisting him over his shoulders and delivering a thunderous F5 that shook the ring.

After the match, an irate Omos was caught on camera telling his manager MVP that “this isn’t over yet”, meaning the two heavyweights will talk again soon.


WWE wouldn’t have booked for Lesnar to go over one of their most rising stars as he left the company.

The wrestling giants also wouldn’t want Omos hinting at a rematch if the former universal champ dropped out.

It is very common in professional wrestling for departing wrestlers to go out on their backs before the credits roll.

But Lesnar tends to only perform on major pay-per-views, meaning the WWE Universe may not see him again until SummerSlam on August 5.