Who is Bikram Choudhury and what is his Net Worth?

BIKRAM Choudhury is the man who made yoga an art form that brought it to the masses in the west.

His claims of the ailments it could cure aroused tremendous interest in his teachings and brought him worldwide fame.


Choudhury attempted to enter the record books for the world’s largest yoga classCredit: AP:Associated Press

Who is Bikram Choudhury?

Bikram Choudhury was born in Calcutta, India.

After a serious weightlifting injury, he studied with yoga guru Bishnu Charan Ghosh.

The teachings are said to have healed his untreatable leg injury.

He left his homeland in the 70s and headed to Americalooking for yoga styles to heal others.

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When he arrived in the country, he opened yoga studios California and Hawaii.

It wasn’t long before his “Bikram Yoga” was known all over the country.

His unique style inspired his students and at the same time created some form of control over them, creating a cult-like following.

It wasn’t long before he was monetizing his studios and classes and buying expensive cars and houses, becoming what some called the “Beverly Hills Yogi” image.

His unique style of yoga would be in a 40 degree heat environment to mimic the climate of India.

Students would participate in a nine-week course, staying for the duration in the hotel where the classes are held.

Which celebrities did Bikram Choudhury teach?

Choudhury claims to have taught celebrities such as MadonnaRachel Welch, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson And David Beckham.

He also said that he has met US Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton with his “Bikram Yoga”.

Bikram Choudhury claimed to be his first student once he arrived in America Elvis Presleyand the second was Richard Nixon.

What was Bikram Choudhury accused of?

His yoga studios are said to have almost created a cult-like existence for students.

Some of his students have come forward and accused him of alleged assault, rape and maniacal control.

The allegations came to light in 2013, and by the following year, five different women had filed lawsuits against Bikram Choudhury.

Two years after the initial allegation, his wife, Rajashree Choudhury, filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Since all this, in 2019 it even led to one Netflix documentary called “Bikram: Yogi, Guru and Predator”.

Academy Award-winning director Eva Orner used the documentary as a platform for people who felt abused in some way.

Bikram Choudhury has denied all allegations.

Where is Bikram Choudhury now?

In May 2016, Choudhury fled to India as charges and lawsuits loom, including his head of legal and international affairs.

Minakshi “Micki” Jaffa-Bodden claimed she was unlawfully fired by Bikram Choudhury.

The court ruled in her favor and he was ordered to pay her the money.

When he returned to India, he had not paid any of the $7 million Ms. Jafa-Bodden owed.

He continued to open yoga studios in India and was followed Thailand, Spain And Mexico where he continues to conduct his teacher training courses.

What is Bikram Choudhury’s net worth?

The teacher training courses he teaches cost $10,000 for those who want to apply for them.

Bikram Choudhury is believed to have a net worth in the region of $75 million.

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As he continues to roll out his franchise classes, this figure may very well continue to climb.