Who’s on strike today? Daily update for April 4 | British news

Workers won’t give up until higher wages are offered (Photo: Metro.co.uk)

Airport and passport staff and road workers are all walking out today.

Travelers have been warned of delays as more than 1,400 security guards at Heathrow launch union actions over pay.

The action involves the security guards employed at Terminal Five, which is used exclusively by British Airways, as well as the Campus security guards who are responsible for checking all cargo entering the airport.

The 10-day strike, which began on Friday, is the result of Heathrow bosses offering workers “only a 10% pay rise after years of wage freezes and pay cuts”.

Members of the PCS union on the picket line outside the passport office in Glasgow (Photo: PA)

The union Unite warns ‘workers at Heathrow Airport are paid a pitiful wage, while the chief executive and senior managers enjoy huge salaries’.

A statement from Heathrow stressed that the airport is operating ‘normally’ as holidaymakers fly out en masse for the Easter holiday.

Another blow to travelers is that employees of the passport office went on strike for five weeks in a dispute over jobs, wages, pensions and working conditions.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said he expects “massive delays” for those trying to renew their documents before their summer vacation.

He claimed on Monday that there has been “radio silence” from the government, with no “one minute” of negotiations since the strikes began.

The Home Office has said officials are “working to manage the impact of this strike while ensuring we continue to provide vital services to the public through our comprehensive contingency plans.”

Unite union security guards on the picket line at Heathrow Airport (Photo: PA)

“There are currently no plans to change our guideline, which states that customers must wait up to 10 weeks to get a passport,” a spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, National Highways members are also taking a stand following a rolling regional program of walkouts in December and January.

Those at the National Traffic Operations Center in Quinton, West Midlands are involved.

Their job is to coordinate with government and emergency services in the event of a major incident.

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