You are definitely interested in a triple folding foldable phone

Samsung triple foldable concept MWC 2023

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

With a form factor like this, much larger folding screens would be possible, but would you buy something like this? We asked that question in our news post last week, and here’s how you responded.

Would you buy a tri-folding foldable phone?


Over 2,500 votes were cast in this poll, which gives us a decent sample size to work with. It turns out that 50.51% of respondents said they would buy a tri-fold foldable phone.

We can understand why some people would be on board with this type of form factor. It would allow for a much larger folding screen than current Fold-style folding screens, which offer 7-inch to 8-inch interior screens. So this would be ideal for those who want a tablet replacement or portable monitor.

Meanwhile, ~26% of readers surveyed said they would “maybe” buy a tri-fold foldable phone. Finally, 23.44% of readers surveyed said they would not buy such a device.

We can understand the caveat, as the Z-shaped design means a significant portion of the inner screen is exposed when folded and used as a phone. That opens the door to scratches, because folding screens are made of plastic. Otherwise, we’d imagine a device like this would also be thicker and heavier than even the Galaxy Z Fold 4.


  • Shizuma: Buying a triple phone would depend a lot on how they fold it as shown in that concept would be a tough pass as that outer screen would get extremely scratched very quickly and be put in pockets/purses but if it were would be folded screen was protected and there was a 2nd glass covered screen for phone use then i would be interested.
  • Chi minh host: It took Samsung three generations to work out the kinks in the Fold line, so while I’d definitely buy in at some point, I’d probably wait and let others pay the early-adopter tax first.
  • SyCoREAPER: Getting too chunky to be the replacement I was hoping for, though it’s exactly what I want, a phone and a tablet together. They can’t get the normal Fold thin and it unfortunately has a square aspect ratio, not ideal for media.
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: I can’t help but think that a roll-up screen makes much more sense than this triple folding screen. LG has demonstrated the full feasibility of a rollable smartphone. All it takes is an extra screen for a truly legit tablet size.