I’m a fashion whiz and there are four looks you should avoid this spring – they make you look so cheap and tacky

WHEN THE weather starts to warm up, you might think about tucking away your winter coat and dusting off your spring wardrobe.

But according to fashion fan Anna Reed there are a few items to avoid if you don’t want to look cheap and tacky.


Changing the color of a top can make a huge differenceCredit: YouTube
White tops can appear sheer and cheap, unlike brighter options


White tops can appear sheer and cheap, unlike brighter optionsCredit: YouTube

At her posts YouTube channel, Anna explained how she looks stylish by ditching certain items you probably own too.

“There are some items that would be a waste of money, and they’re things that you might not really see now, but once you’ve seen them, you might not be able to undo them,” she explained.

Translucent white tops

If they’re designed to be transparent and that’s your style, go ahead.

But Anna pointed out that many cheaper white tops and T-shirts appear see-through even though they are not designed for that, which can end up looking really cheap.

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She explained, “With a lot of these cheap fabrics, they’re not that opaque.”

That said, the brightly colored tops in the exact same style will usually appear less see-through, so if you like the style, see if there are other color options.

Badly faded jeans

Faded jeans are a wardrobe staple, but depending on where the faded areas are, they can look a lot worse than you think.

Anna tried on a pair she bought with fading from the knees to the thigh and small spots on the hip that she wasn’t a fan of.

“The way they’ve been strategically faded on specific areas of the pants seems very cheap to me, it looks very poorly made.

“It doesn’t look very classic or sophisticated or polished. I just think you could do better,” she said.

See-through white jeans

When buying white jeans, trying before buying is an absolute must, but not for the reason you might think.

Of course you want to make sure they fit perfectly, but when it comes to white jeans, many of them can be see-through, Anna noted.

Even expensive brands can have this problem, so always check that you can’t see your underwear underneath before purchasing.

Built-in straps

Many pants have a built-in belt, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

The truth is they can make a good pair of pants look cheaper and outdated.

Anna said, “If you replace the belt with a real belt, the pants may come up.”

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You can extend the life of your pants by making this switch and look a lot more trendy in return.

“Really looking at things to see how I feel about it and whether it looks cheap or not really saved me a lot of money,” she added.

Badly faded jeans look cheap and tacky


Badly faded jeans look cheap and tackyCredit: YouTube
Switching to a leather belt can make your pants look more expensive


Switching to a leather belt can make your pants look more expensiveCredit: YouTube