Apple employees face retaliation, possibly firing for return to office policy

Enforcement of the return to office policy continues to escalate

Apple is reportedly escalating enforcement of its return-to-office policy by keeping badge records to ensure in-person attendance three times a week.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most companies to embrace work from home, even Apple. Since the risks surrounding the virus have diminished and vaccines are readily available, industry is pushing for a return to the office – but not without some resistance.

This is evident from a tweet from Platform players Zoe Schiffer, that was reported first Through 9to5Mac, Apple tracks employee in-person attendance through badge records. Those who don’t come three times a week get escalating warnings.

While not directly Apple’s policy, some organizations within the company say non-compliance could lead to termination, Schiffer reports.

That means that if an employee is fired for not complying with the mandate to return to the office, Apple has one less employee to pay. However, since termination for non-compliance is not an official Apple policy, it’s unlikely the company will use this as a serious cost-cutting measure.