Coronation Street spoilers: Paul reveals death while committing a crime | Soaps

Is this a good idea? (Photo: ITV)

Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) world is turned upside down this week on Coronation Street when he receives the news that he may have motor neuron disease. which will prove to be a correct diagnosis.

The character has problems with his hand after being involved in a collision a few weeks ago.

At first it was thought that Paul’s hand just took longer to heal after the accident, but an encounter with one neurologist will see Paul discover the possible truth on Wednesday.

Back at the flat, reeling from the news, Paul sits in silent tears staring at his withered hand, the reality of what lies ahead hitting him hard.

Perhaps in an effort to distract himself, Paul is eager to earn some money at the end of the week to pay back Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and help Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) with the wedding.

At the bistro, as Nick (Ben Price) watches Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) and Adam (Sam Robertson) have lunch, he explains to Paul that he is Harvey’s (Will Mellor) brother and is seriously bad news.

Paul literally ignores everything Nick just said, approaches Damon on the street and reveals that he doesn’t have long to live and needs to make some money ASAP.

Damon gives Paul the details of a dude named Kyle who is looking for a driver as part of an insurance scam.

So will Paul breaks the law to raise some money for his family?

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