Cows are fed burp and fart blockers to meet net zero goals

COWS need to get burp and fart blockers in their food to try and reduce their flatulence and help save the planet.

The ‘compound feeds’ with additives to reduce digestive gases are part of the ministers’ plans to hit net zero goals.

Using food that suppresses digestive gases is part of the solution to reducing Britain's methane emissions


Using food that suppresses digestive gases is part of the solution to reducing Britain’s methane emissionsCredit: Getty

Officials believe “high-acting methane-suppressing products” will be available in the UK from 2025 and they will soon explore their use for dairy farms.

Farmers could be forced to use compound feeds for cattle as soon as possible Englandadded the plan.

It is estimated that the move would only add 33 pence a year to the price of milk for the average consumer.

Farm animals such as cows produce 14 percent of the total carbon emissions caused by human activities worldwide.

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Methane produced by cows is one of the worst greenhouse gases.

The gas warms the planet 25 times more than carbon dioxide.

Dustin Benton, former chief analytical advisor for the government’s food strategy, said: “Most dairy cows are milked twice a day, so that’s a pretty good way to get the additives in.”

He added that suppressors could later be adapted for sheep.

Britain’s commitment to the Global Methane Pledge requires it to cut emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

Last year the Supreme Court ruled that existing plans to reach the target in 2050 were not detailed enough.