Dan Wootton takes aim at Rishi Sunak after Liz Truss’ UN performance – ‘Less cheesy!’ | Politics | News

GB News Host Dan Wootton has targeted Rishi Sunak after Liz Truss released a video on social media of the UN General Assembly. Mr Sunak and Ms Truss held the horns over the summer as they emerged as the final two candidates in the running to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. Mrs Truss, then Secretary of State, triumphed in the contest, coming in at number 10 after members of the Tory party gave her a nearly 20,927 vote lead over the ex-chancellor.

On Ms Truss’s UN video, Mr Wootton said: “If you thought our new Prime Minister would stop producing her own social media videos documenting her escapes with world leaders now that she has reached number 10, Downing Street, then think again..

“PM Truss, the Instagram queen, is back.”

The Kiwi-born GB News presenter added: “Well, at least they’re less cheesy than Rishi Sunak’s efforts.”

Ms. Truss, who also had a face-to-face meeting with US President Joe Biden during her visit to the Big Apple, released her 58-second clip on Wednesday praising the work of the United Nations and updating Britons about her journey.

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During the clip, Britain’s third female prime minister said: “Since its inception, the United Nations has provided security and stability.

“But its foundations are being attacked by Russia’s terrible war in Ukraine.

“I am here in New York at the UN General Assembly to say that we must do whatever it takes to stand up for freedom, sovereignty and democracy.

“That’s why we’re building a new Britain for a new era.”

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However, the clip was the second to be uploaded to the Prime Minister’s social media platforms.

Ms Truss has also released footage of her meeting with Mr Biden, in which the pair described the Anglo-American relationship as “steadfast”.

The prime minister will again focus on domestic issues on Friday, as her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng prepares to unveil measures to help the tight-fisted Britons cope with the cost of living crisis.

Mr Kwarteng, who previously served as Business Secretary in Mr Johnson’s cabinet, will unveil his so-called ‘growth plan’ to MPs in the House of Commons.