Driver caught on camera during dangerous overtaking at Kaimai Ranges

A truck driver filmed the moment when a motorist drives into incoming traffic in a dangerous overtaking maneuver.

Police are looking for the driver, who filmed truck driver Warren Gaiger at 11:25 a.m. on Tuesday.

The video shows Gaiger heading towards Tauranga, uphill. A lumberjack truck is in front of him, as two consecutive trucks and trailers come toward him, heading toward Waikato in one lane.

As Gaiger gets closer to the trucks, a dark-colored SUV pulls into Gaiger’s lane, heading straight for him in the inner lane, next to the lumberjack truck.

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You can hear the stunned, explosively charged reaction of the truck driver when he sees the vehicle. As it approaches Gaiger, continue crossing into the outer lane on the wrong side of the road.

Gaiger could not comment on the incident, but police said they had received a report of dangerous driving on SH29 near Matamata.

A police spokesman said they are following a strong investigation to locate the driver of the offending vehicle.

A car was caught on the wrong side of the road on Tuesday morning in the Kaimai Ranges.

Warren Gaiger/Delivered

A car was caught on the wrong side of the road on Tuesday morning in the Kaimai Ranges.

Police said they were shocked at the disregard some motorists showed for the safety of other road users. Police urged motorists not to engage in risky overtaking maneuvers if they do not have enough space to complete it safely.

“If you have witnessed dangerous driving, please report it to the police, including the license plate and make or color of the vehicle, so that we can conduct follow-up investigations and hold offenders accountable for their actions.”