Food, uniforms and Christmas costs must be reduced to help the British struggle, says Boris’s living costs are the emperor

Companies need to urgently reduce school uniforms, food and Christmas costs. Boris Johnson’s living expenses were ordered by the emperor.

Wealthy chiefs must use bumper profits to give their struggling families a “helping hand” as inflation soars and prices soar.


The prime minister’s living expenses told the company to contact their ideasCredit: Reuters

David Buttress unveiled a six-month combat plan to keep costs down, encouraging businesses to “step up” and bring a set of new ideas on how governments and businesses can save people’s cash. rice field.

The four-point plan focuses on summer vacation, returning to school, rising bills in the fall, and Christmas, when the family is most stressed.

Former Just Eat Chief welcomed programs such as Greggs’ breakfast club, mobile phone chiefs offering cheaper social rates and getting more people to use the food waste app Too GoodToGo.

Ministers will launch a new living expense campaign in the coming weeks with a logo and slogan.

Former CEO of Just Eat, David Buttress, will cover the cost of living for six months.


Former CEO of Just Eat, David Buttress, will cover the cost of living for six months.Credit: JustEat

He told CBI’s business leaders tonight that it was time to “participate in national efforts” to “do everything in their power to ease the burden on millions of people.”

The emperor told the CEO’s room:

“Now is the time to participate in a national effort to help families, including customers, employees, suppliers, and a wider range of stakeholders.

“This is the moment when we roll up our sleeves and get stuck.

“The CEO wants to make a deal.

“The arrangement here is to help the British people throughout the next six months.

“We can all brainstorm the best ideas of others and scale them up to help millions of people.”

Buttress landed in hot water after a series of old tweets criticizing the Prime Minister-a few days after he was announced about his unpaid role.


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