Games Inbox: What’s Nintendo’s Best Video Game Console?

Has the SNES caught up?

The Thursday Letters page thinks Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is less likely than ever as a reader desires a home version of Daytona USA 2.

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Nintendo GOAT
With the GameCube currently enjoying a new wave of popularity, I wonder what is currently being considered Nintendo‘s most popular console. Nintendo consoles are usually all or nothing in terms of success, with only the N64 somewhere in between. But I think we can easily rule that out, the GameCube and the Wii U.

I think the Wii and the NES are pretty easy to discount too, since the Wii had very few traditional games of any significance and the NES is just too old to take seriously. Many of the games hold up surprisingly well, especially the SuperMario Brittle. games, but for me the limitations are too great. Plus I don’t think many people in the UK have ever actually played it except through emulation.

That leaves only the SNES and the Switch. Now, before the Switch, the SNES was the easy winner here, but I really think the Switch is the best console Nintendo has ever made, and it has seen their best selection of games ever. The lack of third-party games still makes it a close run thing, but I honestly think the Switch is Nintendo’s best console ever. And it’s not even finished… unless it is.

Exist failure
Is EA really so strapped for cash that they can’t keep a couple’s servers? old battlefield games to go? Game retention for modern games, which are mostly or only multiplayer, will be much worse than for retro games that are only on one console.

Physical copies are often a pain, but at least they won’t suddenly disappear from your shelf if a publisher decides they are no longer economically viable.

I also can’t help but wonder what this means for the lingering hopes for Bad Company 3. The first two games don’t officially exist right now, so unless EA has some remasters planned, which isn’t too unbelievable, it seems to be that. Although I’m honestly not sure who else cares about Battlefield.

Multiverse of madness
I really hope spiderman 2 is not about multiverse nonsense. I’m so tired of hearing about it. As if regular cameos weren’t enough, everything superhero related has now been reduced to random characters and versions of characters appearing out of nowhere, as if expecting audiences to stand up and clap for being there.

Personally, I don’t see how it’s true, as there’s nothing in the teaser trailer that even hints at it. Especially since Venom was already teased in the original and doesn’t have to traverse the universe to be introduced.

If true, I’m very concerned that the game will suffer a lot from bloat. I agree with those who say the Miles Morales game was much better than the original, much more streamlined and cohesive. Not that the first one wasn’t good, but if the second is even more blown up and has even more characters, I’m not confident.

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Battle on the edge
Here’s a question GC, I’m not sure you know the answer.

Daytona USA is probably my favorite arcade racer of all time and yes I include OutRun and Mario Kart on that list.

There’s a really good conversion on the Xbox 360, but I’ve only played the second one in the arcades once.

Why was there never a console release of that?

I do not get it?

It’s money for old rope and dinosaurs like me will part with their hard earned money for it.

Did it have anything to do with the breakup of Sega as a company?

Surely they could be releases on today’s platforms?
jim light foot

GC: For such a major franchise, Daytona USA has always been treated poorly in terms of home conversions. Daytona USA 2 was supposed to appear on the Dreamcast but was canceled in favor of an updated version of the original.

Pieces in the air
I’ve been thinking about Zelda’s changing landscape, with Hyrule pretty much a wreck after the earlier war with Ganon, and seemingly in an even more dangerous position now, looking to be in a haze of flames with even more dangerous enemies from Zelda’s past .

I’ve concluded (actually hoping) that when you complete a dungeon/divine beast/master shrine and release the spirit or guardian within, that area of ​​the map you’re in, be it Lake Hylia or Hyrule Field or Kokiri Forest is, that that will change again in the light, in a more traditional Zelda area that we are all familiar with.

The excavated earth is filled up, the dry lakes are filled again, the ruins are rebuilt, the townspeople are back, the landslides are gone and new sections open. The rivers and lakes overflow with life and waterfalls, the forests are verdant and green, life slowly returns to Hyrule, changing the landscape… bits in the sky too.
big boy bent

Beyond Liberty City
In response to Wednesday’s letter questioning the setting choice for the next GTA, I thought I’d throw in a slightly different take on it. When looking at the accepted settings for the GTA games, we have three different areas. We have Liberty City based on New York City and the East Coast, Vice City based on Miami and the southern resort areas, and San Andreas based on LA and the West Coast. These are all pretty iconic areas of the United States, with very different aesthetics, attitudes, and landscapes.

They’re all fairly iconic locations and well known globally enough that the average player would appreciate the differences and cultural references. GTA 5’s shell took us out of a single city and presented a truncated but natural-feeling California. I assume the new one will also take us away from just Miami and probably focus on the state as a whole.

Maybe they’ll move on to the whole east coast with number 7 (New York and up to The Hamptons for the weekend?). I guess my point is that outside of these three locations I’m not sure where else they could put the games that have the same level of massive cultural touchstones? I think Vegas would be an option that has the same mass recognition, but outside of the city we’re in a sparsely populated desert and I think we should include New Mexico as well.

So yes, the games are pretty broad pastiches of familiar US areas and outside of the areas I mentioned above, I don’t think there are enough areas of the states that would make a good world map or give us the same level of cultural recognition. GTA: The Flyover States, anyone?

GC: Las Venturas from GTA: San Andreas is actually Las Vegas, but yes, you have a good point.

Let go of the numbers
The problem with saying whether Microsoft’s first party games whether or not it will compete with Sony is we’ll never know. Xbox games never do well in the sales charts because of Game Pass, so it’s going to look like it’s just a minor hit.

Microsoft is really only hurting itself by never releasing sales figures for whatever they do. We all assume they’re low anyway, so it’s not like anyone’s going to be shocked. But in this case, I expect Starfield will actually do better than it looks on the outside.

The original
That new aliens game sounds intriguing, but personally I think I prefer a turn-based game.

Anyway, reading about it reminded me of the very first turn-based strategy game I ever played! It was on the Spectrum and I thought it was Rebelstar Raiders, but poking around the internet a bit actually revealed the sequel: Rebelstar 2: Alien Encounter.

I’m not sure anyone will remember, but it was so heavily influenced by Aliens that it was basically an Aliens turn-based strategy game. For that time it was incredible! I had never played anything like it.

The premise was the same: a bunch of soldiers sent to a planet to destroy a bunch of aliens and kill the alien queen. The aliens even resembled the xenomorph! Probably couldn’t get away with the potential IP breaches in this day and age.

And get these kids – at release it was £1.99!

It was, of course, created by the future creator of XCOM and king of turn-based strategy: Julian Gollop.

It was succeeded by Laser Squad, which while it’s a significantly better game in many ways, doesn’t hold the same fondness and memories for me as Rebelstar 2, partly because I was an Alien series obsessive at the time.

Anyway, to this day I love turn-based strategy games, but man XCOM can be brutal.

Looking forward to seeing how the new Aliens game turns out!

Have fun everyone
The Guy stays

Inbox is also running
Very happy to see the usual website layout return to the website, GC. I’m sure you had something to do with that, so on behalf of anyone who’s had a hard time understanding it on their phone, thank you.

I’m so glad to hear that Ubisoft games won’t be written by mindless, soulless robots. Now I wonder if they can avoid doing the gameplay as well.

Hot topic this week
The topic for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grant, who asks have you ever dreamed about video games?

That doesn’t mean daydreaming about an imagined sequel or remake, but a game that has had such an effect on you that it ended up in your dreams. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but what games have you been dreaming about and why do you think they reached your subconscious?

Was it because you played them often or because their story or gameplay had a profound effect on you? Or do you find it inexplicable that they ended up this way?

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