How to Buy Crypto on MetaMask with Apple Pay

MetaMask is a global leading crypto wallet/platform, which allows you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. Of course, to buy Crypto on MetaMask, you need to add a real bank account to exchange your money for crypto. There are many banks that are accepted on MetaMask, but one of the newest ways to buy crypto on the site is using ApplePay.

ApplePay allows iPhone users to load a digital Apple card linked to their bank account, allowing you to pay from various vendors with a tap on their phone. This also applies to digital platforms, such as buying crypto. Here’s how to buy crypto on MetaMask wallet using Apple Pay.


MetaMask supports many different cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Tether and USD stablecoin. Now the platform is teaming up with Apple Pay to add another new way to pay for crypto.

Here’s how to buy on the crypto wallet with Apple Pay step by step.

  1. Set up your Apple Pay through the Wallet app.
  2. Register your bank card in your Apple Pay.
  3. Find the token you want to buy in MetaMask. When you click to buy, Apple Pay appears as a payment option.
  4. Enter the amount you want to buy and click the ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ button.
  5. Authenticate your transaction with Touch or Face ID.

Once you have verified the transaction, you have successfully purchased crypto on MetaMask with Apple Pay.