My roommate crossed a line when she took a personal item from my room and people are shocked

WHEN you’re close with your roommate, you tend to share a lot of things, from clothes to makeup.

However, a woman’s roommate crossed the line when she decided to help herself on a very personal item.


Podcast host Sophie Habboo read a viewer’s message that left her and co-host Melissa Tattum shockedCredit: Instagram

The hosts of a podcast called Wednesday we drink wine discussed an anonymous story of a fan, whose roommate crossed an important line.

Sophie and Melissa shared the story on their Instagram page and their followers were shocked by the story.

“About five months ago, a vibrator my friend bought me went missing,” Sophie read aloud.

The anonymous woman told how she thought it was strange, but soon forgot.

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“About two weeks ago my phone charger broke, so I went to borrow my roommate’s,” Sophie continued.

The hosts anticipated the whereabouts of the sex toy and were understandably grossed out when it was confirmed to be in the roommate’s bedroom.

“No, no, no. Do you know you can get an STD by sharing a sex toy?” said Melissa.

In a follow-up episode, the hosts relived their disgust and disbelief when another follower posted a similar story.

Melissa read the DM on the show and said “I had a vibrating bullet and my boyfriend stayed every other weekend. Months went by and I hadn’t used it until I wanted to get it out of my drawer and it was gone.”

The podcast host continued, “It wasn’t until I helped that friend move, when I helped organize her wardrobe into baskets, that I found it!”

The woman told how her friend flatly denied it and that they hadn’t spoken since.

The two podcasters were stunned by the revelations, and their fans took to the Instagram comments section to share similar reactions.

“That’s an eviction offense,” commented one viewer.

Another person wrote: “OMG. This is so wrong, but also hilarious.”

“Spare head on an Oral B toothbrush – works wonders. But wow nasty,” suggested another follower.

Melissa was disgusted by the stories of women stealing their friends' vibrators


Melissa was disgusted by the stories of women stealing their friends’ vibratorsCredit: Instagram


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