Nan’s sassy reaction to his daughter’s ‘messy dinner’ has people in stitches – and she really is a potty mouth

HAVE you ever heard of the dinner dump trend?

Users on Tiktok have tested the trend with the kids to make dinner more interesting.


Nanci tried out the dinner dump trend at her grandma’sCredit: TikTok/@grannysoffherrocker
Grandma was not impressed by the trend


Grandma was not impressed by the trendCredit: TikTok/@grannysoffherrocker

But one video went viral after a daughter tried the trend on her mother.

Nanci didn’t tell her mom she was trying the dinner dump trend.

In the video online, “bad grandma” was confused before the meal was even served.

She said “why the fuck is saran for this?”

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The table was completely covered with cling film.

Nanci replied, “Oh, we just eat pasta. I don’t want to ruin the tablecloth.

Nanci asked, “Are you ready for dinner?”

Grandma said, “Yes, I’m hungry. Do you want me to set the table?”

Her daughter replied “No”.

Nanci officially started the trend by putting bread on the table.

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Grandma was confused, but only when her daughter poured cooked spaghetti on the table did she say anything.

She said, “What the f**k? Don’t believe in bowls? The f**k?”

Then Nanci added cooked spinach to the pile of pasta.

Grandma said, “Oh my god! Are you serious? What the f**k?”

Then Nanci put cooked sausages on the pile.

To which grandma responded with: “Oh, you are a real low life. This is ridiculous.”

Nanci then poured a green pasta sauce over the pile of food.

Grandma said, “Are you fucking serious? Since when?”

Her daughter finished off the pile of food with cheese.

Grandma said, “Oh this is ridiculous. Oh my God!”

A few minutes later we see Grandma eating the food.

It seems grandma was a fan of the trend when she decided to use a bowl and fork.

She said: “This was a dining experience. What happened to my bowl and fork?”

She continued: “I can’t believe this. What did you learn this from? Not mine.”

The bad granny video was viewed more than 6.2 million times.

Viewers were left reeling with the grandma’s reaction to the trend.

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One commenter said, “You guys will put all the pressure on her.”

Another said: “This grandma speaks my language.”

Grandma insisted on using a bowl and fork


Grandma insisted on using a bowl and forkCredit: TikTok/@grannysoffherrocker