Taliban beats women with rifle butts in protest a year after Afghanistan fall

The fighters seized the mobile phones of the protesters and tore their banners as they attacked the first women’s demonstration in months.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, condemned the latest restraining order on Sunday: “The EU is particularly concerned about the plight of Afghan women and girls who are systematically denied their freedoms, rights and access to basic services such as education.

Meanwhile in Britain Priti Patel praised the government much criticized evacuation operation a year ago.

In a video on the occasion of operation pittingthe Home Secretary described the British effort as “seismic” and a demonstration of the country’s “trust” with the Afghans who had aided British forces.

Ms Patel said 21,000 refugees have been brought to Britain, adding that the government has kept promises it made to Afghans who have supported Britain during the decades of Western occupation of the country.

Her comments contrasted sharply with a highly critical report earlier this year from the Westminster cross-party foreign affairs committee.

It criticized Dominic Raab, the former Secretary of State and the department’s top official for: not back from their summer vacation while the Afghan government fell apart.


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