Three Emmerdale theories: murder, prison bomb and exes at war

DRAMA continues to unfold in the Dales this week and is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Here are our most explosive theories for what’s to come this week Emmerdale.

Someone is stalking Leyla Harding - could it be Callum?


Someone is stalking Leyla Harding – could it be Callum?Credit: ITV
The wedding planner gets closer to Caleb this week


The wedding planner gets closer to Caleb this weekCredit: ITV
And he takes drastic measures to protect her


And he takes drastic measures to protect herCredit: ITV

1. Caleb will kill Callum

Months after calling off her marriage to Liam Cavanagh, Leyla Harding gets a new love interest in the form of Caleb Milligan.

ITV viewers suspect the couple was able to get closer because during their first meeting, they couldn’t help but discover the chemistry between them.

Unfortunately for Leyla, drug dealer Callum (played by Tom Ashley) is on the loose again and he’s determined to teach the wedding planner a lesson this week.

It all starts when Leyla (Roxy witness) flirts with Caleb (Will Ash) before inviting him over for coffee.

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Word quickly spreads around the village of the same name after they spend the night together.

Later, someone watches Leyla’s every move from a distance and a horrific stalking ordeal begins.

Things start to get hot and heavy between Caleb and Leyla, who are unaware that a hooded figure is watching them.

The next day, the mysterious person watches Leyla from a car window, prompting Caleb to offer to check in with her.

However, Leyla refuses Callum scaring her.

In later scenes, Caleb shows what he is capable of when he stalks a mysterious person right behind Leyla outside the village hall.

Could it be Calum?

Will Caleb’s actions be fatal?

If so, can Leyla help him cover his tracks?

Can Charles be blamed for Alex's hit and run?


Can Charles be blamed for Alex’s hit and run?Credit: ITV

2. Charles goes to jail

Village pastor Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) will get into trouble with Moore in the wake of Alex’s (Liam Boyle) hit and run.

Scenes airing this week stars Alex Moore’s girlfriend Naomi Walters (Karen Peter) is devastated, but her shock only increases when an emotional Clare reveals the truth behind his scheme.

To make matters worse for Naomi, Charles is the prime suspect in Alex’s accident and she struggles to believe he is innocent as his son Ethan comforts him after an intense night of interrogation.

The Reverend has made it clear that he never trusted Alex from day one and felt that his daughter should not interfere with him.

Charles becomes concerned about the police investigation when a hungover Naomi arrives and tells him she knows the truth about Alex.

Charles holds his broken daughter and lets his protective nature take over.

Later, Charles is escorted to a waiting police car for more questioning and is reeling when Detective Raveley tells him that he could face a murder charge on top of the hit and run if Alex succumbs to his injuries.

A frustrated Charles lashes out in the interrogation room and hangs his head, knowing he’s only made things worse.

Can Charles be sent to prison?

Will Alex survive the hit and run?

Is Charles really to blame?


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Could Rhona start an intense feud with her former husband Gus?


Could Rhona start an intense feud with her former husband Gus?Credit: ITV

3. Rhona will wage war against Gus

A year after learning that her rapist and murderer ex-husband Pierce Harris had died, Rhona Goskirk is confronted with another of her former flames this week.

And judging by their upcoming meeting, the former spouses will go head to head in what could be an explosive feud over frozen embryos.

Marlon Dingle has had a rough road to a full recovery, but the beloved chef kept playing Mark Charnock is definitely on the mend.

He has received particular support from his wife, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henri).

However, the vet will need support this week.

It all starts when Marlon rushes to make his lunch date with Rhona, but they are interrupted by the surprise arrival of her ex-husband.

She plans a good catch-up with Gus (Alan McKenna) the next day, but soon regrets it.

Gus relieves an uneasy Rhona and she is left stunned and confused when he reveals that he would like to use one of their frozen embryos kept frozen at an IVF clinic.

This is due to the fact that Rhona thought they were all destroyed after their marriage.

Rhona is horrified and shocked by his demand, but this only gets worse when she finds out what he has been doing behind her back.

She learns that Gus has been in contact with the clinic without her knowledge and has been acting on her behalf.

Rhona faces an impossible choice: what will she decide or do against Gus?

Can Marlon get involved?

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Will Gus continue to act in Rhona’s name without her consent?

Tune into ITV every weeknight from 7.30pm to find out.