Who is YouTuber Miniminter and when did he join The Sidemen group?

CELEBRITY YouTuber Miniminter is netted in the millions due to his massive worldwide following.

Miniminter is a well-known member of the British YouTuber group, the Sidemen, who regularly create content together.


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Who is YouTuber Miniminter?

Simon Minter, 30, grew up in Hertfordshire and attended Berkhamsted school, where he met KSI.

As of September 2022, he has 10 million YouTube subscribers on his individual channel.

He is also part of the Sidemen groupwho have 16.5 million subscribers on their heads YouTube channel.

Simon is in a relationship with musician and influencer Talia Mar, and the couple announced their engagement in June 2022.

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The couple has been officially together since 2018.

In April 2021, Simon posted a video to his channel titled We Broke Up, which has been viewed nearly two million times.

It was later confirmed that the video was a joke.

When did Miniminter join The Sidemen group?

The Sidemen group was officially founded on October 19, 2013, and they soon started posting content.

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The group currently consists of:

Zerkaa / Josh Bradley (2013–present)

Miniminter / Simon Minter (2013–present)

TBJZL / Tobi Brown (2013-present)

KSI / Olajide Olatunji (2013-present)

Behzinga / Ethan Payne (2013-present)

Vikkstar123 / Vikram Kids (2013-present)

Wrutoshaw / Harry Lewis (2014-present)

In 2014, Olatunji, Minter, Bradley and Barn all moved in together in a property they called The Sidemen House.

The move was to allow for a closer collaboration, in which Simon played a major role.

As part of Sidemen, Simon has been given the title “the shy”.

The group has a huge worldwide following and is active in several ventures.

Among which football matchescharity boxing matches, YouTube shows, gaming event appearances, and even a book.

How did Miniminter become famous?

His journey began when he placed his first FIFA gaming video in 2012, while studying criminology at the University of Hull.

Simon dropped out of the course three months after the term.

After this, he continued to post game videos as well as responses to online trends and challenges.

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Throughout the period, he supported and collaborated with childhood friend KSI, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Simon’s content is varied but light-hearted and he is known for his comedic style.


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