Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy plots revenge on Sandra as the plan continues | soaps

Will she finally be caught? (Photos: ITV)

Sandra’s (Joanne Mitchell) horrific plot against her daughter Liv (Isobel Steele) shifts gears in the upcoming Emmerdale episodes, but maybe Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) is the one who finally picks her up.

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) is shocked to learn that the house has been put up for sale while Liv and Sandra were on vacation and can’t believe Liv made the decision to move to Spain without talking to him first.

Mandy, who’s been there? since then suspected of Sandra money started disappearing from her tip jar when Sandra was at work, Vinny points out that Sandra is the one behind his current problems with Liv and she outlines a plan to get her.

Mandy makes Jimmy (Nick Miles) pretend to be interested in buying the house, and he records what Sandra says. Mandy and Vinny listen in, hoping Sandra will sneak in and betray herself, but Liv finds out what they’re up to and she’s furious that they tried to frame her mother.

Liv kicks Vinny out of the house and Mandy is heartbroken when he says he’s had enough and will no longer fight for his marriage.

Meanwhile, Sandra carries out the next stage of her plan and gets Liv drunk and preparing to empty her bank account.

Can Mandy do anything to stop her?


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