Leave your comment Tributes ahead of Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day

New Zealand honors the Queen on Monday as part of Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day, a one-time public holiday.

People all over the world are expressing their sadness and sharing their memories ever since her death earlier this month, at the age of 96.

Stuff readers also have their memories and stories about close encounters with the queen.

We invite stuff readers to share their tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in the comments below.

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Cities and towns across New Zealand have plans to honor the Queen’s life in their own unique way on Monday, including a State Monument in Wellington.

There will also be a service for Queen Elizabeth II at Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell.

Share your tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.


Share your tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In the meantime, in Timaruna service will be held at West End Hall, and a special requiem service will be held at St Mary’s Church on 25 September.

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