North Korea launches another missile test

Kim Jong Un lashes out at his neighbors and the US over military exercises in the region (Photo: AP)

North Korea has conducted another ballistic missile test amid mounting tensions in the region.

South Korea confirmed it had detected a launch in eastern waters, the sixth in just 12 days.

It comes 48 hours after Pyongyang fired a medium-range missile over Japan for the first time in five years.

The flight path was seen as an escalation and fueled speculation that Kim Jong Un might continue in his game of brinkmanship.

It is feared that the dictator is planning a full-scale nuclear test in a remote location in the north of the country, something it has not done since 2017.

The Japanese Prime Minister’s office said two different weapons may have been involved and could have flown over the country again.

A Tweet on an official account read: “A projectile resembling a North Korean ballistic missile probably flew over Japan.”

The latest round of aggressive stance is in response to US-led naval exercises being held in the region.

Since the breakdown of talks, weapons tests have become a common occurrence in North Korea (Photo: Shutterstock)

South Korean and US forces have been conducting missile tests and organizing a fighter jet bombing exercise in the Yellow Sea in recent days.

The US has also confirmed that it is bolstering its military assets in the region by deploying an aircraft carrier.

A UN Security Council meeting was held today to discuss North Korea, despite there being no prospect of diplomatic progress due to a veto by China and Russia.

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said in her speech that North Korea had “enjoyed general protection from two members of this council.”

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